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Art is Her envisions to create an artistic platform for women all across South Africa and globally, where they are given the opportunity to tell their life stories.  This would be done through varied visual and creative projects, focusing on the victory and the hope that their storytelling brings to other women.

Our life is a storybook, a fully alive piece of art, a novel in the process of being written. How does one capture the very personal hurts and victories, disappointments and celebrations of this very short, yet significant journey called life?

We all have a story to tell. Some parts are bad, but then again, most bits are good. The parts of our stories that make us imperfect are sometimes the very episodes that can change someone else’s point of view or even their lives. On the outside it may seem that those around us are living perfect lives, making us question our own virtues and values. This often leads to competition and comparison with others, which can leave us disappointed and depressed and not liking – not to mention loving – ourselves and the lives we have been given to live.

Being real and relatable makes all the difference. When we are together, we feel like we belong, that we are accepted and acknowledged. When we share our stories with other women, we feel appreciated and understood. We seek to surround ourselves with brave women who encourage us on our journey. The past is outgrown and left behind, bitterness becomes a testimony and the future is transformed into one that promises a life worth living and a vision of victory. Our purpose is to pursue the future with expectation and excitement as promises await us there.

Art is Her is a movement that wishes to encourage women to be brave enough to share their stories with other women. As we purposefully pursue truthfulness by being bold enough to own up to our imperfections, the very ones that make us so unique, we embrace the freedom that is ours for the pursuing.

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