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community supporting community

A crowd that encourages, strengthens & supports our local business friends & community SME's.

The Local Crowd  is a social collaboration & SME Directory concept designed for the heart of a community crowd. Our vision is to encourage, strengthen and support our local business friends and community SME's.


Current economic pressures and unforeseen circumstances, creates the opportunity for community to support community, directly impacting the families within our local reach.

By promoting and supporting our own local markets, we can create sustainable, economic and community growth (even by small steps and through tough times) . Let's show some love by starting on our own doorstep, the Cape Winelands.


You can join The Local Crowd by choosing between two options.

You can be actively involved via our social chat group by joining TLC Chat & Share.

This is a social collaboration space where we can actively encourage and promote our friends' businesses,

products and services with other members of the community.



You can add your own or your favorite SME to the TLC SME Directory. This way, together we can create a list of trustworthy business friends who can now also support each others local businesses found on the list.

Please share the concept via Social media and by using the #thelocalcrowdsa hashtag.


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"Let’s support and encourage our local business friends by sharing this initiative with others in your community. Community supporting community. 

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